Florida Keys Rogo and how it works:

Rate of Growth Ordinance-Building Permits - and the Tier system


Following more than three years of work the county is preparing to adopt the much anticipated Tier Overlay System. This system has been designed to both simplify and modify the current growth management tool known as ROGO (Rate of Growth Ordinance). The Board of County Commissioners will have a new map book product before them on March 15th 2006 at the Marathon Government Center. A second hearing will be held on March 17th at the Harvey Government Center in Key West, and a third in the Key Largo Library on March 21st.~ This map book displays the entire area of Monroe County which will be subject to the Tier System. The proposal includes a total of four tiers: Tier 0 = Submerged Land & Right of Way, Tier 1 = Conservation, Tier 2 = Transition (Big Pine Key Only), Tier 3 = Continued Development, Tier 3 (Special Protection Area) = Hammock Areas and Tier 4 military lands.

Over the past 4 years of Tier System development Monroe County Growth Management has accepted applications for Tier designation review. If a citizen thought that their property had been incorrectly placed in one Tier or another they could apply for a review by the Division. The final review of the 300 plus applications took place in late February of 2006 and 147 errors were identified. The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners passed Resolution 148-2006 in early March of 2006 directing staff to correct these 147 errors at the first opportunity. That first adoption of the Tier System into the Land Development Regulations was appealed. This appeal rendered it impossible to change Tier Designations for any parcel.

If you have any questions regarding the proposed amendment to the Comprehensive Plan or the 147 proposed amendments to the Tier Overlay please contact Growth Management at 305-289-2500.