Florida Keys Florida Keys
I was on the Internet one day and I realized that you couldn't find any Dive Charts of the Keys. So when Misty wanted Charts on our Web Site I thought it was a great idea! So I looked at all of mine, didn't like them. Drove all over town, to all the Dive & Tackle Shops, and finally found the one I wanted. Colorful, not too busy, and no Loran Lines.

So I sent it to the good people from International Webworks.com and soon received a call from a nice Italian girl from upstate New York who promised to send me some sauce for my spaghetti if I could explain to her what it was I actually wanted. For someone who never looked at a Nautical Chart before she caught on fast and quickly learned land from water and the fact that Ocean water doesn't always show up Blue on paper. I was thrilled to see the fantastic job she did first time I viewed the chart on my new web site.

Everything was clear and easy to read and as I checked the Legend and looked over the Chart, I started to wonder what "The Eagle" was doing in 9 feet of water. Last time I dove on it, I'm sure it was deeper than 80 feet and and the resident "Jewfish" that lives on the bow was bigger than me. I remember because I still had enough air in my tank to swim around with him for a little while. Unlike the Bibb and the Duane which are a little bit deeper than 125', and if the current is just right when you get down to them, its time to turn around and come back up again. Or you can learn to dive without air in your tank like I did. But it just goes to show you that most of the charts you buy are not suitable for navigation, just like it says right on it.

And you should only use a Coast Guard or NOAA approved chart to get where you want to go. A Coast Guard Basic Seamanship Course works great too. I've been able to find my way in waters unknown to me with a good Compass,Chart and a Plotter. But of course we all know the "trick" tool is the GPS with chart plotter. Just point the cursor any place you want to go on the Chart and keep the little boat on the dotted line across the screen until you get there, "Too Cool". I made a few notes below, so you will know this chart is just a little bit off. And I might be too!