Key Largo Real Estate information

Key Largo Real Estate
Imagine owning a Vacation home rental in paradise. Imagine employment or retiring here. Imagine incredible sunsets, tropical weather and palm trees in your backyard. Imagine world-class fishing and diving, just minutes from home. How about year round fruits, vegetables and fresh seafood. Imagine balmy nights with soft tropical breezes and shades of green and blue you never knew existed. If that's not enough, what about clean air, quiet nights and pure nature mixed in with a laid-back Island attitude.
If all this sounds too good to be true consider this. Since we only spend a small percentage of our lifetimes outdoors, why not make the most of it.
How about going on vacation and never going home.
A quick overview of our Florida Keys
I'm going to the Florida Keys! People all over the world love to say that.
The Florida Keys are in fact, one of the most desirable areas in the world to visit. Because of this, our property is some of the most desirable real estate in the world. The islands here comprise a unique American landscape. Called by some, Americas Caribbean. Our islands are reminiscent of the Bahamas, Caymans or Netherlands Antilles. Imagine low lying dots on an azure sea that separates Cuba from the U.S., strung 130 miles in a long narrow corridor athwart the Gulf Stream. Bordered by one of the world’s principal coral reefs that was the scourge of pirates and the Spanish fleet nearly 500 years ago. Our waters beckon year round divers, fishermen, and boaters. For more info on the Keys click here. Also see the Google maps.

Living and Investing in the Upper Keys
The Upper Keys is a great area for both recreation and Investments. The reason is simple: Miami and Miami International is just an hours drive. In Addition, the recent incredible growth in the South Miami area of Homestead (Forecasts call for 1 million people by 2010) is adding to the desire for homes in the Keys.

Why is this good for Investors
Ft Lauderdale, Naples and Miami residents come to the upper Keys for the weekends, meaning rental homes, duplexes, condos and hotels enjoy great occupancy rates. More importantly, Environmental issues and the fact there is just one main road into the Keys strictly restricts building. There is only so much land still available. The Keys can never be like California in terms of growth. Since they are restricted, this protects your investment.

Waterfront Florida Keys Real Estate
is the dream of so many, from Paris, to Frankfurt, to Toronto and New York. The Keys real estate continues to be some of the best real estate that money can buy.

For our future Residents
You can enjoy a laid-back Keys lifestyle plus have just a short commute to Miami and its employment, educational facilities, Culture, shopping, entertainment and more.
In addition World famous Key West is just 2 hours away.