Investing in the Upper Fl keys

Why you should consider investing in the Upper Keys Now.

1. Prices in the upper Keys have stabilized and are in fact even better than other destination resort areas in the United States. This includes both residential and commercial Real Estate.

2. Real Estate sales and closings have seen a steady increase in the upper Keys since January 2006. This clearly indicates the buyers are responding to increased inventory choices and competitive pricing.

3. The explosive growth of South Dade County,(just 30 miles away) will definitely benefit Real Estate sales as people look for weekend getaways, (Predictions for the Homestead area and just north are for one million residents by 2010) Think New York and the Jersey shore.

4. Weekenders and potential home buyers from Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Naples will find it even easier and safer to come down weekends for a Keys experience, due to the widening of the 18 mile stretch.

5. The Cost of Living index (stats from Accra) show the Keys now at a better rate then 24 major American markets from the East Coast into California. This means Baby boomers looking for lifestyle changes and/or 1031 and straight investments are finding the Keys competitive and affordable. See the cost of living page

The combination of all this is obvious. The Keys only have so many homes and so much land. Meaning only a small amount of new homes can be built. This is due to the fact there is only one road in or out of here,
Meaning if a hurricane is heading our way, people have to get out.That is why the Keys will never be like California or the Jersey Shore.

As more people move into Southern Florida they definitely use the Keys as a weekend getaway. The majority of our renters are from Florida, who are looking for a Keys experience.

How about going on vacation and never coming back. You know you've had this feeling before. Why don't you consider giving yourself and your family this option. The truth is, if you're going to work, why not do it in the Keys. Having beautiful weather and water and recreational opportunities are not only good for your health but good for you period. Think on it and contact me.

There are affordable options now and renting a home out can be used to help subsidize your payments