We thought we would keep our Biography short, and instead share with you some pictures to give those of you who haven’t experienced the Fabulous Florida Keys an idea of what the Keys Life Style is about! Just in case you are still trying to decide to purchase Florida Keys Real Estate? So before you scroll down and look at the pictures a little bit about Sal Livoti & Misty Pace "Top Producers" selling Key Largo Real Estate for over 25 years.

First off, I am frequently asked the difference between “Top Producer” and “Top Sales” Real Estate Agents.
Top Sales award is given to the agents that have written the most real estate sales contracts in a given amount of time. However some of these written sales may end up failing and not close.
Top Producer award is for closed sales, actual dollar volume production.

When we worked for GMAC Schwartz Property Sales we competed along with 3 offices,and when we worked for Coldwell Banker Schmitt Real Estate Co. we competed with 5 offices. The Companies give awards based on Office production monthly and Company production yearly. At Coldwell Banker Schmitt RE, from March 2002 to May 2007 we earned over 142 monthly office awards for Top Production, Top Sales, Top Listings & Top Listings Sold. We have ranked as the #2, #3 and finally #1 twice "Company Sales Team" annually. We were awarded 5 Annual "Presidents Circle Team". And member of the new CBSRE "Elite". As members of the Florida Keys Board of Realtors with over 400 members we have held annual rankings individually in the top 10, as residential Real Estate Agents. This Board covers the Middle & Upper Keys, basically Key Largo Real Estate, Islamorada Real Estate & Real Estate in Marathon.

Sal Livoti, was born in New York, and moved to Miami after completion of 3 years Military Service in 1970. After running a business in Miami for 20 years I moved to Key Largo and soon after started selling Real Estate in Key Largo.

Misty Pace, was born in Florida and raised in both Florida and the Bahamas and has been selling Florida Keys Real Estate for 30 years. We formed our Award Winning Florida Keys Real Estate Team in 1998.

Enjoy the pictures, one day it could be You in the Limo!

Just Some pics to Share With You!

We Are Always Hard at Work at a Job We Love, in a Place We Love and We Try to Have Fun Doing it!

Florida KeysFlorida Keys 2003 Happy New Year to All
We had a Great 2002 and would like to thank all our freinds, business associates and past clients. Hope the Best to everyone in 2003!! Our 2003 project is to sell a lot of Real Estate like we do every year and build our new house on Adams Waterway. The clearing and cutting has just started, and I'll keep you all posted as we progress. Need a bucket of fill?
Florida KeysFlorida Keys 2003 Project Continues
Its almost halfway through the year, and we have made some progress. The Dock is pretty well completed, the back wall with curb just needs to be poured. The pool is pretty well framed out and is well under way. We also have water and electric on site and our Cistern is in place!!!
Florida KeysFlorida Keys 2003 Project Permits
Its November and we finally received the revised permits from the county. The dock is completed, we halted construction on the pool so the house would catch up, and the house has started!
Florida KeysFlorida Keys 2004 Happy New Year
Its Jan 1, 2004, we would like to thank all our friends & clients for making this past year, our most successful year in Real Estate sales. Misty and I always talk about how lucky we are to be able to work and live our lifestyle here in the Keys.

We just signed on our construction loan yesterday and the house is starting to take shape. The next pour will be the concrete second floor with the stairs. Our builder Jean Farfan is moving right along, we expect to make a lot of progress with him on the job now. He has been the greatest!

Florida KeysFlorida Keys 2004 June
The roof is being built by hand 1 stick at a time, some of the walls are being studded.
Florida Keys2005 Begin 2005 Begins, again Happy New Year to All!
The year went by so fast I'm trying to figure out how to slow this one down, but it's the end of Feb already.

The house project looks great, but it seems we are down to the toughest part. Final details and this is where everything has to mesh. Misty thinks we will be done soon and I'll see how far we get this year!

Florida KeysFlorida Keys 2006 its Spring already! Hope all of you started the year off well!
The house is not quite done, but we have moved in, finally! I guess we will finish it sometime, soon in 2006. We have the 1st permitted Boat Elevator on Adams Cut that does not have a cut-in slip area. Parked on it, is our new 32' World Cat EC. We just took it for its first spin around Guana Key, Abaco and back, and are pleased with "Barefoot Cat"'s test-run. So it is back to work for now, and we look forward to a few summer runs to the Bahamas this year, maybe we will cross paths with you in the Islands!
Florida KeysFlorida Keys A Champagne Limo Ride and Dining at Marker 88
Rick ,Jay and Susie, all Happy Buyers and Sellers, and the Happy Agents of course take the time to celebrate our successes!
Florida Keys A Champagne Limo-Ride and Dining at Lazy Days in Islamorada, Our Treat!
We Thank Our Clients For Their Business

Our Treat, a Night on the Town for Phil owner of Monroe Air Conditioning and Jay owner of Maytag. Both are Repeat Clients! We all had a Blast!

Florida Keys After You buy a House
After you finish moving in and all your work is done, take a break. Cover yourself with some Lobsters and catch some Rays!
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Back to Abaco
Ocean Star at the Dock sporting new Yamaha 200's

A long awaited trip, we took our boat 25' twin hull, "Ocean Star" with good friends Bob & Darlene to Abaco in the Bahamas. Door to door Key Largo to Hopetown a full days journey. The crew celebrates thier arrival at Hopetown!

Florida KeysFlorida Keys Back to Abaco
Trolled north a few Islands up to Guana Cay where we hopped a golf cart to a favorite lunch spot "Nippers" over looking the "Crystal Sea"
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Back to Abaco
Took a trip south to Tilloo Cay, promised Marie Girard (Girard Title) we would take some pictures of her new dock. Had lunch while we were there and took the time to do a few cannonballs!!
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Back to Abaco
Captain & Mate
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Birthday Break
Sal's 53, we spent in our favorite close getaway, Key West. We rented this house around the block from Duval St & across the street from Faustos food palace. What a great location! Both our Birthdays are off season, thats a good thing!
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Fishing Tips
When you get done with your Real Estate Deal, we can help you with some good local fishing spots
Florida Keys Happy Hour
Scott & Wade serve Happy Hour at Sundowners

Key's Tradition for all Hard Working Keys People. We just haven't figured out what time happy hour starts. AM or PM?

Florida KeysFlorida Keys Hector gets his House!
After 3 Attempts to buy thier Home in Port Largo. Hector and Terry with the help of Nick Mulick and of course thier "Realtors" win possession by "Specific Performance." Celebration dinner was at Marker 88.
Florida Keys Florida Keys In the Keys:
Visitors come by Land or Sea for a Cool Drink
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Misty gets Bull Dolhin
Even if you take 1/2 a day off, you can still put food on the table, here in the Florida Keys! Sal cleans fish as Baccarat waits patiently for dinner!
Florida Keys Misty Hard at Work in the Office
Florida KeysFlorida Keys New Friends & Old Friends
New friends Bob and Sharon, proud new owners of an Open Water Home on Island Drive Celebrate together with Bob and Darlene who come down for regular visits to have too much fun!!! And No, thats not your Limo!
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Nippers
Abandoned,we Rescued her from a House we sold. Named her after a Mountain Top Cafe we went to in Abacos on Guana Cay!
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Oh No! This One is Sold but We Have Others
Who needs a pool with all these beaches. 4 th of July, 2003. Hopetown in the Abaco Islands.
Florida Keys Reward for a Hard Days Work in the Fabulous Florida Keys
Florida Keys Sal & Misty as Misty & Sal Win a Bottle of Rum Prize at Halloween Contest
Florida Keys Sal & Misty Hard at Work in Key West
Florida Keys Sal Hard at Work in the Office
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Spring Break 2003 comes to Key Largo
They turned our home into a college dorm for 5 days. We were finally able to take half a day off to take them out on the Boat, and did some snorkeling on the Shallow Reefs. Some people might say it makes them feel old to watch them play, but I had to say it makes me feel young to play with them. Hope to see them again next year!!
Florida Keys This is How Big a Sale I'm Trying to Make using My Underwater Cell Phone
Florida Keys Tylers 7th Birthday
Just another reason to Celebrate with Friends Tammy & Duane
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Vacation= 3 to 4 Days
Bimini Harbor, Sea Crest Marina

Living in the Florida Keys is only 2 1/2 hours away by Boat from the Bimini Islands, this is a Great Get-A-Way for 3 or 4 days. Misty is feeding the Stingrays at Honeymoon Harbor!

Florida KeysFlorida Keys Waverunner for Misty's B'day
Misty & Mom
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Waverunner for Sal too!
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Xmas 2002
We spent the Holiday in Ocala, had a great time! Was a little bit cooler than the Keys, just right for the Season.
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Xmas 2002 Activities
Took some time out to visit some of the Pasa Fino Ranches and a trail ride.
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Xmas 2002 visit
Joe & Pauline & Misty at "Living Colors" Pasa Fino Farm. Joe & Paulines Ranch with Secret & Buck grazing.
Florida KeysFlorida Keys Monster Yard Sale, We have too much Stuff!

Misty is hard at Work, pricing yard sale items, including the Wine and preparing for the mornings Blowout yard sale, which turned out to be a Success!

Florida Keys Year 2000 Company Top Listers
Sal, Misty and Tony Macalusa, Company Manager, National & International Trainer. Tony is one of the Proud new owners of Castles by the Sea, based in Boca Raton Area. We miss you Tony!
Florida Keys Year 2001 Company Awards Top Producers & Top Sales
Over 13 Million Dollars in Sales for 2001

They Covered us with Awards!

Florida Keys Year 2002 Company Awards, #2 Sales Team in the Company of 5 Offices
We started working for Coldwell Banker Schmitt in March, so our first 3 months of the year which was close to 5 Million did not count. We totalled Over 10 Million for the remainder of year, but fell short by a Team in the Marathon Office who did just enough over 10 Mill. to eek out the lead. Our Company has very strong office's in Marathon, Big Pine Key and Key West, so I expect the competition to be tough every year. We did have a great time at the awards banquet in Duck Key. Pictured next to us is Brian Schmitt who is the "Best Broker in the World" always throws a great party. And congratulations to Brian who didn"t get an award , but I understand he did over 16 Million in sales himself. He is also the hardest working Broker in the Keys!
Florida Keys Year 2003 Company Awards, #3 Sales Team in the Company of 5 Offices
We had our best year in sales, over $20 Million Dollars (I love the way Danny DeVito says it, "Million Dollars") worth of Real Estate in gross sales. The price of Real Estate has gone up greatly in the Lower Keys which makes the competition within our own offices tougher for us to compete with. It's a healthy form of competition and we all have fun at the awards banquet, and as Brian puts it, his agents are the "Best of the Best"

Florida Keys Year 2004 Company Awards, #2 Sales Team in the Company of 5 Offices
Florida Keys Real Estate waterfront property overall has risen 40% this past year. With the months of lost work due to the Storms which we DIDN'T get, we still had a great year and sold just a little bit more than we did last year with gross sales over $20 Million Dollars.
Florida Keys Year 2005 Company Awards, #1 Sales Team in the Company of 5 Offices
Florida Keys Real Estate waterfront property overall has risen over 40% again this past year. Even with the months of lost work due to the Storms which we DID have come this way, we had a spectacular year and our sales doubled to over $41 Million Dollars. Brian's awards this year featured a little bit of Keys History with a section of track from the Historic Flagler's Railroad. Pictured with us is the newest member of our Team who just came aboard. Sherrie Kemp. Feel free to call her if you need to!